Placenta Encapsulation

Placental Preservation is one of the best ways to help maintain good postpartum health. Having done it myself, and seen the difference it made, I am a believer in its benefits.

I am often asked what my recommendations are for placenta processing. I usually suggest encapsulation and at least two tinctures. This is only an opinion, but I feel it allows you to enjoy benefits through the capsules soon after birth and have the tinctures to use long after the pills are gone. And as stated below, the tinctures can be saved for menopause.

Options include...

Encapsulation          $225

Encapsulation consists of drying and preserving the placenta in easy to swallow capsules. They are readily available to you when you need them and are taken to help maintain a balance of hormones in the weeks after birth. Using Sterile Technique to ensure health and safety, your placenta will be processed and returned within about 48 hours.

Tinctures                  $40 each with encapsulation                                 $60 each without encapsulation

Tinctures are small glass containers filled with distilled liquid that has been used to extract the hormones and nutrients from the placenta through an aging process. The contents are potent and only a very small amount is needed to take effect. Tinctures can be used for maintaining good long term health for both you and your baby. They should be stored out of direct sunlight and last for very long periods of time. They can even be saved and used as supplements during menopause. The process takes several weeks to complete but is well worth the wait.

Raw Processing          $175

Consuming placenta in its rawest form is simple and an easy way to receive the wonderful nutritional value that your placenta has to offer. Rinsing and cutting into bite sized pieces and placing in the freezer is very simple, but it is very time consuming. When your baby arrives it is important that you and your partner are available to meet your baby's needs. We offer complete Raw Processing right in your home and just as soon after the birth as you would like. We provide all supplies and will have your placenta in simple bite size pieces and in your freezer without you having to worry about a thing. These little pieces can be added to a meal, pureed in a smoothie, or eaten raw. It's up to you.

*Some travel expenses may apply for these services. They are handled on a case by case basis.

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