About VBACs

A VBAC is having a vaginal birth after having had a cesarean birth in the past. Many doctors and midwives say it's not possible or risky and do not support the trail of labor for women who have had a previous C-section. But it has been found that the majority of healthy women who have the sincere desire to push their baby out can and do just that. I support VBACs and have helped many women have success in this area. VBACs do carry additional risks and these should be discussed thoroughly before deciding on a VBAC. But when considering risks it's also important to look at the additional risks associated with multiple C-sections.

Risks associated with VBAC Attempts Include:

Risks Associated with a Repeat Cesarean Include:

An excerpt from AmericanPregnancy.org from an article entitled Vaginal Birth After Cesarean: VBAC states the following regarding VBACS:

"If you have experienced a cesarean delivery, you are not alone. If you desire to try a vaginal delivery after having had a cesarean, you should be encouraged by knowing that 90% of women who have undergone cesarean deliveries are candidates for VBAC- vaginal birth after cesarean. Statistically, the highest rate of VBAC involves women who have experienced both vaginal and cesarean births and given the choice, have decided to deliver vaginally.

In most published studies, 60-80% (roughly 3 to 4 out of 5) women who have previously undergone cesarean birth can successfully give birth vaginally. After reading the following information and discussing the possibility with your health care provider, you should be able to make an informed decision about the option of VBAC."

Generally speaking, with good nutrition, exercise, attentiveness to health and wellbeing and appropriate prenatal care, women who have had C-sections can and do go on to birth their babies without issue. In fact, about 60% of the women I serve in my practice have had one or more prior C-sections. And our success rate for VBACs is greater than 80%. If you are wanting to learn more about the possibilities of a successful Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) please feel free to contact us to discuss more.