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Placenta Services

Placental Preservation is one of the best ways to help maintain good postpartum health and is something that I have done myself. I am a firm believer in its benefits and highly recommend it following your birth.

You can learn more about the placenta on my Placenta Information page.

Options regarding placental preservation include...

Encapsulation consists of drying and preserving the placenta in easy to swallow capsules. They are readily available to you when you need them and are taken to help maintain a balance of hormones in the weeks after birth. I will process your placenta using a very sterile method to ensure your health and safety. I can usually have the placenta processed and returned to you within 48 hours of when I receive it, allowing you to start receiving benefits quickly after your birth.

Included with your encapsulation is your umbilical cord dried into a heart shape. This is a precious keepsake that you can have framed in a shadow box. It is the perfect reminder of the beautiful connection that you shared with your baby.

Tinctures consist of placenta that has been preserved and aged in a process that extracts an abundance of nutrients out of the placenta and is stored in a small glass container. The contents are potent and only a very small amount is needed to take effect. Tinctures can be used for maintaining good long term health for both you and your baby. They can be stored out of direct sunlight for long periods of time, and can even be saved as a supplement to assist during menopause. The process takes several weeks to complete.

Raw Processing
Consuming placenta in its rawest form is simple and an easy way to receive the wonderful nutritional value that your placenta has to offer. Rinsing and cutting into bite sized pieces and placing in the freezer is very simple, but it is very time consuming. When your baby arrives it is important that you and your partner are available to meet your baby’s needs. I offer complete Raw Processing right in your home and just as soon after the birth as you would like me to come. I provide all supplies and will have your placenta in simple bite size pieces and in your freezer without you having to worry about a thing.

Belly Casting

I offer Belly Casting to pregnant mothers who wish to carry the memory of their pregnancy with them for years to come. This service includes a casting session either at my office or in your home during the third trimester. There are several casting options available. Many mothers choose to sand, paint, draw, gloss or stamp their cast to their liking. Some mothers will choose to wait until after the birth and stamp their baby’s feet on it. And others choose to keep it in its white plaster form. Whatever your decision, it is a keepsake that you can have for many years in memory of the precious 9 months you had with your baby prior to their birth.

Electronic Birth Announcements

Electronic Birth Announcements are individually designed and contain a picture of your baby and all birth statistics you wish to include. You will be able to choose the design and look of the cards making sure they fit your preferences. Price varies based on the amount of time taken to create your specific design. Most are simple and run between $50 and $60. These announcements are sent to you via email and you are welcome to have them printed or forwarded to friends and family. If you provide me with a list of email addresses, I will be happy to send them out for you so you can simply focus on your baby.

Family Birth Certificates

I offer Family Birth Certificates to mothers wishing to have a keepsake that is easily framed and nice to display in the home. It contains places for newborn footprints as well as thumb or fingerprints of Mom and Dad. All birth statistics are included so you never have to dig in a baby book to remember the time of day or weight of your baby at birth. Certificates come color printed on an 8.5x11 piece of card stock paper.

Newborn Foot Printing

I offer foot printing for families who wish to have prints of their baby’s feet or hands. I can post on belly casts, paper, in baby books or other surfaces. Please note that I do not guarantee a certain quality of print. Quality is based on how relaxed baby is and what type of surface we are printing on. But I will do my best to get beautiful baby prints for you.
Counseling Services
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