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Birth Control and Family Planning Education

There are many different forms of birth control available and it can be difficult to sift through the information regarding each method, how they work, and what benefits and risks they may have for your body and future pregnancies. I have put together simple yet comprehensive educational material about the many different types of birth control methods available and provide private and confidential consultation to anyone wishing to learn before choosing the path to family planning that is best for them. You might think you can simply read a pamphlet from the doctor’s office and understand your options but you would be extremely surprised to learn about some of the things that are not written in those pamphlets. Making an informed decision requires that you have all the information presented to you. Contact me at anytime to set up an appointment to discuss your family planning options.

Unexpected Pregnancy Counseling and Support

For some pregnancy can be an unexpected surprise and often times women want to talk but feel they have no where to turn. I offer confidential and supportive counsel to ladies finding themselves in this unexpected situation. If you think you have no options, or it feels like your world is crashing in around you because of the circumstances in your life, please know that I am available to listen and offer encouragement and support to you during this time. There is hope, there is love and there is non-judgmental counseling available. I will do all I can to provide for you truthful information about pregnancy options. Unexpected pregnancy counseling is free and confidential.

Post Abortive Counseling

Often women who have undergone an abortion, for any number of reasons, have feelings of remorse over their loss. Those feelings often lead to guilt and even fear and depression. Many women do not have a sense of relief that they thought the abortion would provide. Whether your abortion was a day ago or a decade ago, know that there is support available to you. There is healing that can take place in your life and closure can be sought in a situation that feels hopeless. If you seek healing from your abortion I encourage you to contact me. I will do my best to assist in the healing process and help you find the strength and comfort that you long for. Post abortive counseling is free and confidential.
Pamela Brott
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