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Birth Consultation

What is a Birth Consultant?

A Birth Consultant is someone who is available to expectant families for personal counsel regarding birth related topics. They assist women in obtaining the knowledge and resources necessary to enable mothers to make wise decisions about birth. A birth consultant is knowledgeable in many areas and has studied extensively the mechanics of true physiological birth. They will aid mothers in understanding about their bodies and how to work together with their babies to birth as naturally as possible.

Birth consultants are not hands on participants at a birth as a midwife would be, but they make themselves available over the phone to counsel even during labor and birth as well as the postpartum period. It is always recommended, however, that counsel be given prior to labor and critical decisions be made ahead of time. In the thralls of labor is not necessarily the best time to be thinking critically. Having knowledge and power ahead of time helps most new mothers to understand their birth experiences as they unfold and their overall satisfaction is greatly increased. Hiring a birth consultant is a great idea for families wishing to birth in the hospital where they might not be made aware of all their options with regards to certain decisions. Seeking independent childbirth education classes and doula support in addition to the hiring of a consultant is also something to consider for these families. Knowledge is power when it comes to making birth choices in a hospital setting.
There's a never-ending lie perpetuated in our society that birth is risky. The truth is that birth is safe and interference with birth is risky. It's time for mothers to understand the truth about birth and start taking back ownership of what rightfully belongs to them.

Family Birth or Freebirth

Many people seek professional consultation when considering a "freebirth". A freebirth is a birth where the family has chosen not to hire a midwife or "trained attendant" to be at their birth. They trust wholeheartedly in the natural birth process as it was designed and seek to have as little interference as possible. These women make ALL the decisions pertaining to their birth and accept ALL responsibility for their birth choices. These women are usually well educated and serious students of birth. They have taken the time to prepare for their baby's arrival by studying the topics and procedures surrounding birth so that they are able to make confident choices about what is best for mother and baby. Their decisions are based on research and not the opinions or scare tactics of others.

Hiring a birth consultant can be helpful to these families as they seek counsel on certain subjects that arise during their pregnancy and birth. I believe that every woman has the right to birth where, how and with whom she chooses. It should not be left up to politicians, doctors, midwives or medical boards to make decisions for women regarding their birthplace or attendants. It is because of this belief that I support freebirth and families who wish to birth on their own. I believe they own their whole birth experience and their choices should be respected.

Deciding on a freebirth is not a decision to be taken lightly. I encourage you to study the subject carefully as well as the different types of birth attendants that are available to you. Search deep within yourself to learn what is best for you. Your body was designed to give birth and you deserve to birth in the setting and with the people that you feel most comfortable and safe.

To set up a consultation appointment feel free to contact me at any time.

"Birth is safe, interference is risky." ~Carla Hartley
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