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Welcome to Beginning at Home

I hope you like to read! I have done my best to put together a comprehensive website that not only details the services that I provide, but gives you an abundance of information on topics such as Homebirth, Hospital Birth, Family/Freebirth, Midwives, Doulas, Breastfeeding, Placental Benefits and much more. As a midwife serving the Texoma area, it is my desire to prompt each and every parent to research and educate themselves on the various topics surrounding birth and the options that are available to them.

Ultimate responsibility for the decisions made throughout your birth experience lie with you. I hope you will find the information here to be informative and encouraging as you begin to author your very own birth story.

Pamela Brott
A Word about Undisturbed Birth

The truth is that when left alone, most births can progress in a natural state. Bodily chemicals and hormones work well together when not interrupted and birth can progress freely and without inhibitions. Uninhibited birth is natural birth in its rawest form. Every time a mother's labor is interrupted for the purposes of routine documentation or for the sake of a care provider's convenience the natural process has been disturbed and a mother begins to question her instincts. She begins to no longer listen to her body and her baby and believes that she needs an outside authority to tell her how to birth. All this is nothing more than an interruption of natural birth. How can we own birth when we are waiting for some outside authority’s permission to do what our bodies are designed to do?

I encourage you to read and research all you can before the arrival of your precious miracle. The more we understand about our bodies and the more in-tune we are with our babies the more we will begin to trust ourselves again and enjoy the benefits of experiencing an undisturbed birth.
Available Services:
  • Midwifery Services
  • Pregnancy and Homebirth Consultation
  • Doula Services (both in and out of hospital)
  • Childbirth Education Classes and Information
  • Placental Encapsulation, Tinctures, and Raw Processing
Counseling Services:
  • Breastfeeding Counseling and Support
  • Birth Control and Family Planning Education
  • Unexpected Pregnancy Counseling and Support
  • Post-Abortive Counseling
Additional Services:
  • Belly Casting
  • Electronic Birth Announcements
  • Family Birth Certificates
  • Newborn Footprinting

As a midwife, doula, and birth educator, I feel very strongly that all expecting mothers deserve truthful information about birth in order to understand their options. Knowing your birth options helps in determining the choices that best suit your family. Whether choosing to birth at home, in hospital, or at an out of hospital facility such as a birthing center, it is my desire that every laboring mother and newborn baby have the support they need to feel safe, secure, and empowered.

I am pleased to serve some of the more rural areas in both southern OK and northern TX. I service cities such as Durant, McAlester, Ardmore, Madill, Ada, Hugo and even the smaller towns in Oklahoma such as Kingston, Atoka, Calera, Wilburton, Caddo, Colgate, Holdenville, Colbert and surrounding areas. In Texas I offer support and education and travel to places like Sherman, Denison, Pottsboro, Whitesboro, Gainesville, Prosper, Celina, Whitewright, Bonham, Paris, McKinney, Melissa, Van Alstyne, Leonard, Greenville, Honey Grove and surrounding areas.

Whether seeking a homebirth, childbirth classes, placenta encapsulation, breastfeeding assistance, or other birth related services in the Texoma area, I encourage you to give me a call to discuss your options surrounding birth.

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.
- Psalm 139:14

As a midwife in the Texoma area, I have made the decision to remain unlicensed for the purpose of serving those in the private sector. As a Provider Member with N.E.W. Birth Options, PMA, I am able to provide comprehensive midwifery care to association members. I should not be considered a substitute for a licensed midwife. For a complete review of my education, credentials, and birth experience and to learn more about N.E.W. Birth Options, PMA contact us to set up a no-obligation consultation/interview.
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